Oct / 28 Ariana

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I just love a Baptism and I was thrilled when Ariana’s Mum contacted me to capture her’s, it was earlier this year that I met her as a newborn in my studio. Ariana was Baptised at St Mary’s in Williamstown and was joined by family, friends and big sister Amira for a day of celebrations.

_DSC5437 _DSC5487 _DSC5512 _DSC5539 _DSC5557 _DSC5576 _DSC5582 _DSC5593 _DSC5603 _DSC5605 _DSC5607 _DSC5608 _DSC5627 _DSC5655 _DSC5658 _DSC5660 _DSC5661 _DSC5681 _DSC5720 _DSC5801 _DSC5815


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