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Are you pregnant and considering newborn photos?
Have you looked at a million options and still don’t know what’s right for you? Heard the term ‘lifestyle session’ and wondered what on earth that is?


Lifestyle and styled newborn sessions are the two popular options when it comes to capturing your baby and the one that’s right for you is the one that fits your taste best!


Lifestyle sessions are done in your home and are designed to capture candid, natural moments between you and your baby. There are no props or staging other than a little guidance from the photographer of which rooms have the best light or some suitable outfit options for the parents.


Lifestyle sessions work well with ‘older babies’ (over two weeks) or for families who may have had a longer hospital stay than expected and aren’t quite up to the task of visiting a studio with their baby. A lifestyle session is all about capturing exactly what it feels like to bring your newborn home; feeding, cuddles, bath, nappy changes and a bit of crying!

Another great benefit to choosing a lifestyle session is that is easy to include your pets (your first babies!) as well as grandparents and other special people in your child’s life.

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Styled sessions are done at the photographer’s studio or in your home if the photographer provides a mobile studio. These sessions are beautifully styled with props, fabrics, wraps and accessories and work best when done within the first 2-3 weeks of birth.

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A styled session looks to capture your newborn in timeless, beautiful images that highlight their sleepy nature and womb like poses. Styled sessions require patience and plenty of practice from your photographer. Every baby is different and it’s important to remember that images you’ve seen on Pintrest or in your photographer’s portfolio are not always possible at every single session.

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Take time to look through your photographer’s styled work and be sure that their style, props, posing and finished product are what you’d like to achieve with your own baby. Within the styled newborn world, there are many different ‘looks’ and styles on offer. Find the one that speaks to you most.


Most photographers will include parent and/or sibling photos within a styled session, just ask them!


Some photographers specialise in either lifestyle or styled sessions and some love doing both (like me!). Either way, it’s important to choose a session type and photographer that suit you and your baby best. And remember, we love to hear from you BEFORE baby arrives so if you’re pregnant and considering newborn photos, enquire with your photographer today!

– Clare


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